Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Without the right irrigation system, your lawn and landscape won’t thrive. We provide full-service irrigation system design, installation, repair, and maintenance services direct to customer with in-house staff and licensed irrigation specialists. Irrigation is designed with your plant material in mind, and with water-saving technology.

Our goal is to use the right amount of water, in the right places.

We provide repairs and renovations on existing irrigation systems, as well as design and install entirely new systems with smart-watering technology. Our irrigation crews only use the best components and installation methods. All our irrigation work is warranted for a period of 1-year, and our irrigation service division is prompt, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable.

Irrigation Installation

A good irrigation system design is key to both sustaining the plants in your landscape, and conserving water. Our goal is to put just the right amount of water exactly where it needs to go. Different landscapes, and different plants, require different types of irrigation. We can design a new installation for your new landscape, or renovate and update an existing system for better performance.

Irrigation Inspection

Irrigation systems require regular inspections to keep your landscape healthy and conserve water. We perform monthly system inspections to check for leaks, pressure problems, sprinkler head repair, proper value function, and adequate water coverage to each of your landscape areas. We’ll also make sure your rain/freeze sensor if working properly and check your irrigation controller.

Smart Controllers

By installing a smart irrigation controller, your system can be “taught” to water better and more efficiently. The system can also be controlled remotely using an online interface or smartphone app. Smart controllers allow us, or you, to monitor your system, turn zones on or off remotely, and monitor pressure and leaks. Smart controllers can also be programmed with very detailed information about each landscape zone, so as to modify water delivery that is appropriate for the site and season.

Irrigation Photo Gallery

Irrigation Installation & Repair Services Include:

Large irrigation installations may require additional sub-contract crews, but all work is coordinated and supervised by in-house Smith staff.