Commercial Landscape Design & Management

Commercial property landscape management is our specialty. Smith Lawn and Tree has built its commercial landscape division around giving commercial customers what they expect every visit – to keep their properties looking their very best. Our managers are trained to evaluate your property needs and provide a landscape package that will meet those needs and stay within your budget.

Landscape Management

Smith Lawn and Tree offers a full range of Landscape Management Services customized to fit your commercial property needs and budget. Services include detailed year-round lawn care, tree, shrub and herbaceous plant care, color plantings, mulching, hardscape cleaning, irrigation management and repair, and more.

Water-wise Irrigation

Smith Lawn and Trees’ Irrigation team and technicians will give your property a thorough monthly evaluation of your irrigation system. Our goal is to monitor and modify your system to be as efficient as possible, often using smart-irrigation and remote control technology. Our irrigation services for commercial properties may be stand-alone, or they can be incorporated into an overall property management program.

Landscape Design & Installation

Commercial properties require their own special design and usage considerations. From enhancements to renovations, our team will get to know your property, design, present, and install your project on time and budget. From concept to completion our team will listen to your needs, come up with a plan, and put it in to action.

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Available Commercial Services

Landscape Design

Our relationship begins with getting to know our customer’s needs, design style, budget, and how you intend to use the spaces within your commercial landscape. Your landscape style should align with your company goals, budgets, and meet customer’s expectation for experience when they visit the property.

We’ll create a detailed inspection of the property to determine important structural needs and create an accurate site plan. After the initial site analysis, and creative meeting with you to discuss design elements, intended use, and plant preferences, we’ll work on creating an initial design for the property or designated space. The scope of the project will determine the length of time before the final design is completed and approved.

Build Your Landscape

Once we complete your landscape design, or you’ve provided us with a pre-existing design, we will create a sensible budget for building the new or renovated landscape. We can also phase the construction process or master plan your landscape. Once the build budget has been finalized, we can take charge of the complete installation project from start to finish. Our work includes taking care of any initial demolition, landscape hardscape and plant installation, irrigation design and installation or renovation, tree care and planting, and finishing details.

The same process applies if we are renovating or refreshing an existing landscape that may not require a full design – or we are repairing or adjusting your irrigation system.

Lawn & Landscape Management

Comprehensive commercial landscape care requires ongoing attention to detail. Smith Lawn and Tree has maintenance packages for every size property. Our services range from weekly lawn care to all inclusive landscape maintenance packages that include lawns, seasonal color, shrubs, trees, and irrigation services. We also take care of fertilization needs, pest and disease control, lawn aeration, and any other special services needed to make your property look its best. Our crews are trained to use the best practices for your plants as well as provide reliable and respectful service on time.

• Weekly lawn care services that include proper mowing techniques and timing, fertilization, pest & disease monitoring and treatment, aeration.

• Comprehensive landscape care packages that include skilled lawn care, proper care of shrubs and perennials, irrigation services, tree care, seasonal color, leaf removal.

• We can customize a landscape care package to meet your landscape needs.

Our goal is to provide consistent service, with reliable quality at a competitive price.